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Why Do You Need a Specialised Collection Team?

All successful businesses eventually encounter customers who are either unable to pay their invoices or are simply having their invoices avoided. If the business is then unable to collect the moneys owed, then the business may have exorbitant legal costs to attempt collection or have to be completely written off resulting in a huge loss for the product/service provided, business expenses paid, as well as time and energy spent chasing the debtor. These expenses and unpaid invoices not only hurt your cash flow, but also limit your time and financial ability to invest and grow your business.

By partnering with Corporate Collection Group, we can help you manage your debtors and ensure that your accounts get paid, whilst protecting your brand and customer relationships throughout the process. CCG  has the industry-leading recovery rates and expertise to collect the money owed to your business whilst protecting your brand. CCG prioritises your debts to accelerate the payment of your outstanding accounts to reduce your internal collections expenses and improve your cash flow.


Why choose us:

Corporate Collection Group provides innovative end-to-end debt collections solutions for both consumer and commercial debt recovery of all sizes, Australia wide. Our co-founders have a combined 20 years plus experience in collections and telesales where they have both achieved multiple national and international records in their fields and shown we are able to collect debts that most other collection companies write off.

Corporate Collection Groups experience comprises of services in financial institutions, entertainment companies, energy retailers, telecommunications and security industries. We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable and competent collection staff working on your accounts that drives far stronger results than a traditional company or traditional approaches.

As a client you will have your own dedicated portfolio manager who is specifically trained in;

  • Investigating debtors to establish their operational status and find further forms of contact where necessary.

  • Making contact with customers via inbound and outbound phone calls, SMS blasts, e-mail blasts and mail correspondence in the correct order to maximise recovery rate.

  • Acknowledging, isolating and reconfirming objections or disputes before overcoming with solution and payment options whilst building value in the service or product provided from our clients.

  • Understanding legal obligations and using various techniques to gain customers commitment to arrange payment either in full or for the highest amount as soon as possible.

  • Collecting payment or following up with payment options for customer to make payment and provide evidence of payment being made.

  • Adhering with ACCC Debt collection guideline and privacy act.

Contact us now on 1300 070 940 for further information on how we can assist in recovering what is owed to you or lodge your debt online to receive a free debt appraisal.



First Party Collection

First Party Collections is used to engage current and past due accounts receivable early in the debt collection process. CCG provides industry leading recovery rates for first party collections, performed on the behalf of our clients business name whilst building value in the company and product to ensure a positive ongoing business relationship for valued customers before being referred to third party collection.

Third Party Collections  

If your first party collections or internal billing team is unsuccessful in recovering overdue amounts, it may be time to refer this to a third party collection service. When the customer hears of their account from a third party collections company, they understand the seriousness and potential consequences of leaving this debt any longer without arranging payment. Clients can choose to either outsource their collection function fully; or outsource at a predefined delinquency age or event to complement their internal collections team (e.g. outsource from 1 day past due date or from 60 days past due through to legal).

OVERFLOW (inbound and outbound)  

Corporate Collection Group has capacity to provide call overflow services as a ready skilled resourcing solution to assist your business whilst busy or to provide a seemless scale-up and scale-down whilst only paying for the services you utilize. This service provides a partnership approach with additional analytical insights from CCG.

  • Inbound and  outbound telephone calls (recorded for compliance)

  • SMS blasts (approved templates)

  • Email blasts (approved templates)

  • Mail correspondence (approved templates)


Commission & Pricing

Commission on recovered debts only. No phone call charges.

Corporate Collection Group provides a record high recovery percentage with an extremely competitive rate with commission payable only for successful recovery of debt. This means if the debt is unable to be collected for any reason, there is simply no charge.

We do this on an obligation free, commission only basis with no upfront outlay, so companies only pay a small percentage of the accounts that we collect for them, and your company will also save costs on salaries, recruitment, management, office resources etc. 

Commission percentage is relevant to the age of account, average balance of account and total volume of debt referred. Corporate Collection Group prices their commission lower than it’s competitors to guarantee the most competitive option for all clients. This is backed with our price beat policy where we will beat any written quote.

Contact us now on 1300 070 940 to receive a free debt appraisal or lodge your debt online for further information on how we can assist in recovering what is owed to you.